Equip yourself with all the latest web development languages and technologies

The University of Stellenbosch and HyperionDev have partnered up to provide an all-inclusive and practical Full Stack Web Development Bootcamp.

This comprehensive and industry-aligned course will teach you to build your own dynamic, data-driven web applications. You will learn the in-demand techniques needed to understand HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Node.js, MongoDB, Express, and React in just three to six months. With these tools, you can craft a rewarding career as a web developer.
By 2023, it’s estimated that over 1 million computer programming jobs in the U.S. will be vacant – as well as 700,000 in Europe. With this unprecedented demand for qualified web developers, entering the tech sector fortifies your career prospects, no matter the state of the economy.

After completing this bootcamp, you will fast track your success and gain a foothold in a lucrative industry with unmatched opportunities for growth.

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Web Development Online Bootcamp


  • HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Node.js, MongoDB, Express and React


  • Become a Full Stack Web Developer

  • Build dynamic, data-driven web applications

  • Learn HTML, CSS, React, JavaScript, and more

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Become a developer with a true career choice

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Design, build, and maintain infrastructure using the popular computer language of Javascript. 

 Javascript Developer

Uplift and upgrade the accessibility and effectiveness of software and hardware from a user's perspective.

UX Designer

Design and curate user interactions on websites and develop servers and databases for website functionality.

Full Stack Developer

Create and update software solutions, source code for functionality and performance, and manage various operating systems.

Computer Programmer

Plan, create, and code web pages, using both technical and non-technical skills to produce websites.

Web Developer

Creating and writing specialist information about products and services and how they work.

Technical Author

Whether you are studying full-time or part-time, you will have access to code review and feedback from industry experts in real time. Set your schedule to suit your needs, and look forward to working your way through industry-aligned course content that will empower you in your new career.

One curriculum. Two different ways to study. 


I don’t have any background in coding, IT, or computer science. Can I still apply for the software engineering bootcamp programme?

Sure you can. Students successfully switch careers to programming after taking our courses, even if they were absolutely new to programming when starting out.

If your aim is to change careers, full or part-time bootcamps are designed to help you achieve that.
To enrol, you don’t need to have a degree or prior technical background - all you need is discipline, persistence, and a willingness to work hard and learn to code.

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I don’t have regular access to the Internet. Would that be a problem as all of your courses are online?

Learners don't need access to the Internet every day. Our course delivery is designed so that you can download the course material and work on your tasks offline. Once you are connected to the internet, all the work in your folder automatically gets synchronised with your mentor, who will be notified immediately and will provide feedback within 48 hours.

Will I receive a certificate after I complete the bootcamp?

Upon completion of the bootcamp programme, a certificate of completion will be issued in the name of HyperionDev and Stellenbosch University. This certificate is neither a formal, accredited programme nor a course of Stellenbosch University, and will not provide access to or recognition of learning for such programmes or courses. 

How much time do I need to commit to complete one of your bootcamps?

We recommend devoting an average of eight hours per week to complete a bootcamp within three to six months. However, our courses are made to be flexible enough to suit your learning needs and goals. If you are running out of time, you can extend your course period. This means you can take as long as you need to complete the course and gain the certificate, as well as the confidence to become a developer.

Study with Stellenbosch University and HyperionDev

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Explore web development essentials, and back-end, front-end and full stack development in this comprehensive online web development bootcamp. Learn practical, job-ready web developer skills to start your professional developer career in just 3-6 months. Here’s what you can expect to learn. 

What you'll learn

Web Development Essentials

01 | An Introduction to HTML & CSS

02 | Programming Fundamentals 
       using JavaScript

03 | Using jQuery

04 | Build your first website

Web Development with Express & React

01 | Create apps with ReactJS

02 | Introduction to Node.js and Express

03 | Version control

04 | Server-side rendering with Next.js

90-day Participant Programme

01 | CV and technical portfolio preparation

02 | Mock interviews

03 | LinkedIn and Github profile updates

04 | Networking events and more

Full Stack Web Development

01 | Various approaches to web      

02 | Express, Node.js, and ReactJS

03 | Creating a database using MongoDB

04 | Web services and APIs

Download Syllabus

Stellenbosch University is collaborating with online education provider HyperionDev to offer a portfolio of high impact outcomes-oriented online bootcamps. The partnership aims to broaden access to tech education through an engaging human-led online model. Upon completion of the bootcamp programme, a certificate of completion may be issued in the name of HyperionDev and Stellenbosch University. This certificate is neither a formalaccredited programme nor a course of Stellenbosch University, and will not provide access to or recognition of learning for such programmes or courses. 

Chanelle Bösiger
Full Stack Web Developer Bootcamp

“The syllabus is set in such a way that you gradually build up your knowledge and see how they are connected. When I code the time flies straight out of the window. Like they say, time flies when you are having fun. I am genuinely proud of the outputs of my tasks. I could have never imagined such nice creations without the help of HyperionDev.”

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